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The Greater Manchester Learning Provider Network (GMLPN), in partnership with the Association of Colleges (AoC), and funding from the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, are working on a project to improve mental health support for Apprentices and Trainees within Independent Training Providers (ITPs) and employers.

In the next part of the project GMLPN are recruiting Mental Health Champions and Mental Health Charter supporters from across the network.

Mental Health Champions & Mental Health Charter for ITPs

Mental Health Champions will act as advocates and lend their expertise to other practitioners across the sector. Click here to see the role of a Mental Health Champion.

Thank you to individuals from the following organisations who have already signed up to become Mental Health Champions: Mantra Learning, NowSkills, Groundwork, System Group, Manchester Metropolitan University, ITEC, Damar Training, DH Associates, Apprentify, Transport Training Academy and Oldham Training Centre (OTC).

‘I put myself forward to be a mental health champion as I am currently a wellbeing leader at MMU and am passionate about breaking the current stigma around mental health. I have been involved in many initiatives and have built a range of support networks and resources that I can share, to ensure we are delivering the best mental health & wellbeing across Greater Manchester.’

Amie Bentley | Apprenticeships Business Development Advisor & Wellbeing Leader | Manchester Metropolitan University

In addition, GMLPN have created a Mental Health Charter for ITPs so that they can show their commitment to mental health & wellbeing. Click here to see the Mental Health Charter.

Thank you to the following ITPs who have already signed up to support the Mental Health Charter: Mantra Learning, NowSkills, Groundwork, ITEC, Damar Training, DH Associates, Transport Training Academy, Oldham Training Centre (OTC) and Expanse Group.

Next Steps

In the next phase of the project GMLPN will be:

  1. Continuing to recruit Mental Health Champions & encouraging ITPs to commit to the Mental Health Charter
  2. Compiling a resource that highlights the Mental Health Training that is on offer to ITPs and employers available within Greater Manchester.
  3. Developing a toolkit aimed at ITPs pulling together best practice from across the sector, case studies and resources.

If you have any questions about this project or wish to get involved by becoming a Mental Health Champion or supporting the Mental Health Charter please contact James Lees | james.l@gmlpn