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Anne is Executive Director at GMLPN and has been in post since 2014, initially sharing the role with Andy Fawcett. Over this period, GMLPN has grown and developed in size, strategic relationships, and impact.

The intention is to appoint a successor for GMLPN who will be equipped to continue with the success and further development of GMLPN’s impact. More details regarding the recruitment process will follow.

Anne is also the Co-Chair of the Northern Skills Network and works closely with northern provider networks and stakeholders. Anne has shared the chairmanship with Alex Miles, Managing Director, YLP to determine and deliver on the Northern Skills Network Manifesto.

Anne will remain in the role until the end of the year and is continuing to work with the excellent GMLPN team which she has led and developed.

The Board wish to thank Anne for her expertise and effort over the past 9 years.    

Mark Currie, Chair of GMLPN:

“On behalf of GMLPN, I would like to thank Anne for her significant contribution to the network and wider skills system as Executive Director of GMLPN.
Anne has been a key driving force behind the development of GMLPN during the past 9 years. She has led members through a time of unprecedented change and supported them to navigate the intricacies of the further educations skills system. Anne has worked to strengthen key strategic relationships including closer working with GMCA, representing the issues and needs of members. Also, a stronger strategic relationship with GMCC, resulting in myself representing GMLPN on the GMCC Board and Subrahmaniam Krishnan-Harihara, Head of Research at GMCC sitting on the GMLPN Board. Anne has also strengthened the reach and engagement of the Northern Skills Network as Co-Chair.
Anne has developed the GMLPN Team who are well position to support in taking the business forward. The legacy that Anne has created is one of a strong, well positioned network whose values & priorities meet the needs of members and the FE skills system.
We wish you all the best for your retirement at the end of 2023.”