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Pearson are the world’s learning company, striving to help people reach their full potential.

Pearson have more than 20,000 employees in nearly 200 countries that work tirelessly to refine their learning platforms, key products and services, making them accessible to anyone, anywhere. Pearson work towards a common purpose – to help everyone achieve their full potential through learning. Pearson do that by providing high quality content, opportunities and learning experiences, as well as assessments and qualifications that help build people’s skills to grow with the world around them. Pearson also work with globally recognised educational institutes, employers and governments, with expertise in a comprehensive range of subject matters and age groups. With helping tens of millions of people gain qualifications, always with the aim of creating engaging learning experiences that deliver best possible outcomes.



Training Providers and Employers:

FE Colleges


GMLPN, associated regional and nation industry bodies and collaborative working partnerships of its members deliver a robust, high supportive mechanism for the regional education and training sector, a service Oldham Engineering Group Training Association (OTC) find invaluable, especially during recent times. We look forward to continuing and contributing within our membership.

Nick Eglin

Oldham Training Centre