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#SEEDIFFERENT – The GM Apprenticeship Hub

The Greater Manchester Apprenticeship Hub brings together partners from across the city region, working together to increase the scale, breadth and quality of Apprenticeships in Greater Manchester.

Our Approach

The Apprenticeship Hub website is used a hub of information for all things Apprenticeships across Greater Manchester. Our aim is to not reproduce materials and information that is already our there, but to collate it in one place!

We utilise our 3 main social media channels, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to make information easy accessible to all of our stakeholders audiences.

For more information, visit

OurĀ Aim


…is to bust myths and create a passion for Apprenticeships and Traineeships across Greater Manchester. We hope to change the hearts and minds ofĀ employers, young people,Ā parents/carersĀ as well asĀ theirĀ advisorsĀ includingĀ teachers,Ā schoolsĀ and skillsĀ providers.

#SEEDIFFERENT takes a holistic approach to the campaign in order to maximise impact through print media, a digital presence and a physical presence at events throughout the year.

Visit the #SEEDIFFERENT website to find out more!

Phase 1 Delivery: June 2014 – March 2017