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Bluestone Leasing

Bluestone provide finance solutions to commercial public sector organisations to ensure they maximise return on every investment they make.

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Asset finance is on the rise. More and more of Bluestone customers are choosing bespoke asset finance solutions that only allow them to spread the costs of new assets over tine, but also unlock powerful tax benefits too. For most organisations, the concept of leasing assets is a new one. However, once you realise that you can consolidate the cost of accruing new assets in one simple, affordable facility, the benefits and possibilities tend to take over.

For many, retaining the capital to deploy elsewhere is key, whilst for other recognising the benefits of funding assets and growth in the same way as they manage their buildings (lease or mortgage) is more beneficial. Financing your assets can transform how you think about your business strategy. Imagine being able to pay low, fixed amount each month and in return have exactly the work space, technology, machinery, or other assets that you want, both now and for the future.

Feel totally secure in the knowledge that funding innovation and growth will never be an issue for you again.


Patrick Lyoyin

07483 043 797