Sisra Observe, part of Juniper Education

Juniper Education help their customers deliver greater Learner Success and liberate more learner-time by providing a unique combination of education technology and specialist expertise.


Make CPD a culture, not just a process!

Sisra Observe is the Quality Development Tool designed around staff ownership of their own development. It respects your professional development processes but dramatically streamlines them, liberating time right across your organisation to focus on the things that count.

Sisra Observe is designed by the people who used to be busy doing the things keeping you busy. One platform to quickly record and analyse all of your quality assurance, CPD, self-evaluation and performance management with detailed analysis, alerts, follow-up actions and a CPD library.

Sisra Observe also makes it really easy to show Ofsted inspectors the impact of teaching and learning across your whole organisation – simply log in and get a complete overview, helping to make those stressful few days a little easier. Observe is effective, efficient and affordable; it enables you to concentrate on what really matters and make the quality improvements your learners deserve.



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