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Apprenticeship Ambassador Programme

The Apprenticeship Ambassador Programme is an information service for schools and employers in Greater Manchester utilising real apprentices’ first-hand knowledge to promote Apprenticeships as a viable and successful route into a career.


This free information service for schools and employers, utilises real apprentices’ first-hand knowledge to promote Apprenticeships. The role of the Ambassador is to share their positive Apprenticeship experiences with young people, job seekers and employers across Greater Manchester. Other CEIAG projects provide high quality information, advise and guidance but on the Apprenticeship Ambassador Programme promotes the pathway using those who have chosen that route.

Before visiting any schools, colleges or employers, Ambassadors will attend an induction day which provides general information about Apprenticeships, as well as the opportunity to develop and present their own positive Apprenticeship experiences to other new Ambassadors.

‘The Apprenticeship Ambassador programme has given me a voice to spread the message to other young people that there are other options aside from college and university after school ends. It has also massively improved my confidence and given me the ability to put faith in others about their futures. With apprenticeships, anything is possible if you believe it to be. And I surprised myself with how far ambition, enthusiasm and self-belief has brought me in my career and it is the apprenticeship programme that made me realise this.’

Charlotte Naylor, Apprentice Ambassador