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Our workshops are delivered by local training providers and leading experts, They are able to demonstrate best practice and cover areas that providers have identified to be areas of concern.

Our rolling programme of training and qualifications can be viewed below.


All of our workshops and webinars range in price from £39-£119 depending on length and content.


Discounts may be available for group bookings and multiple masterclass bookings. You can find our more by contacting Richard.


We have developed this programme to enable GMLPN members to respond to the Apprenticeship reforms and the introduction of the Levy. See below for details of our latest workshop

3 months to go…Are you ready for the Apprenticeship Reforms?
16.02.17 | 09:00 – 12:30 | Horwich

Workshop focus: Providers are stepping up their readiness plans and will soon be notified if they have been accepted onto the Register and what their 2017/18 non-levy ‘allocations’ will be.This workshop will be packed full of latest policy information, updates, hints & tips, plus examples of what providers are doing to prepare.

Paul Blott Lead Consultant from Eunoia Associates will lead you through the reforms utilising his ‘Power of 4‘ approach, embracing the 4 key interconnected areas:

  1. Performance: How will apprenticeship reform impact upon your organisation and the mechanisms you can put in place to maximise performance.
  2. Priority: Consideration of what you are delivering and how this fits with national and local priorities. Are you future proofing your business by delivering qualifications and programmes which employers and individuals are demanding and are prepared to pay for?
  3. Quality: How will employer co-investment impact upon employer quality and service expectations? Alongside greater transparency surrounding provider performance and success. 
  4. Finance: Impact of changing funding methodologies and financial values, alongside employer co-investment. How will reforms affect your bottom line post April 2017?

The session will help you identify your strengths to build upon. It will also help you to develop strategies to maximise the opportunities afforded by the Apprenticeship reforms.

Delivered by:          Paul Blott, Eunoia Associates

Who this for:           All organisations who have recently submitted applications to the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers.

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Preparing for the Adult Education Budget Procurement Exercise

16.02.17 | 15.00 – 16:30 | Online

Webinar Focus: This webinar is for organisations who are considering tendering for the current round of Adult Education Budget procurement. It will provide you with useful hints and tips and practical suggestions to help you prepare your application. In particular it will:
• Assist providers to determine whether they wish to go forward with an application;
• Describe the elements of the application process and what you will need to have prepared;
• Cover eligibility, financial health assessment & the application process;
• Focus on the key questions within the application form and the types of evidence that applicants will need to provide.

This will be relevant for those organisations looking to be either primes or subcontractors.

Delivered by: Andy Fawcett, GMLPN. Whilst at the Skills Funding Agency, Andy was involved in a significant number of procurement exercises. He has also delivered well-received webinars and workshops for providers looking to submit their applications to the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers.

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