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GMLPN has devised a programme that supports providers to deliver successful Traineeship programmes with the core aim of increasing the number of young people progressing to Apprenticeships.


GMLPN developed seven masterclasses, 17 masterclass sessions took place. 59 representatives from different training providers attended at least one masterclass. 97% of attendees rated the masterclasses as “good” or “excellent”.


We have delivered information sessions to five referral agencies who work closely with young people suitable for a Traineeship. The aim of the sessions is to increase the number of referrals to local Traineeship providers by providing referral agencies with information and support.


Traineeship Case Studies

We have developed seven case studies of Apprentices who have progress from a Traineeship. The videos can be found here on our Traineeship Toolkit website. We have continued to update our Traineeship toolkit reflect changes to legislation and highlight good practice.

The Toolkit:

GMLPN have created a Greater Manchester Traineeship Toolkit which can be used to inform Training Providers, Young People and Referral Agencies on the Traineeship offer.

To view the online version of the toolkit click here.

It comprises of:

  • Case studies,
  • Examples of best practice with regards to employer engagement,
  • Examples of how providers develop progression routes from Traineeships to Apprenticeships and
  • Guidance material.

Progress so far

Masterclass Attendance

59 different training providers and colleges attended masterclasses

Progression Rates

Indicative feedback from Traineeship Stakeholders suggested that both starts and progression rates have increased. 

Case Studies

9 case studies have been produced with 692 views.