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Apprenticeship Ambassador Programme


Our aim is to increase the number of young people actively considering an Apprenticeship as a career opportunity.


One of the Greater Manchester (GM) Apprenticeship Hub Plan refers to a commitment to raise awareness of Apprenticeships in schools.

Progress so far

Apprenticeship Ambassadors

289 Recruited and Trained

Schools Attended

124 out of 160 (77.5%) Attended across GM

Young People

15,000 Reached

Our Approach

The Apprenticeship Ambassador Programme recruits and trains apprentices to promote their positive experiences to young people in schools and colleges across Greater Manchester. GMLPN coordinate ambassador visits and presentations, ambassadors are able to present to young people, teachers, parents and carers promoting the value and long term career benefits of Apprenticeships.

  • The recruitment and training of ambassadors
  • Marketing of the project
  • Ambassador visits and presentations



What’s in it for me?

Why nominate an Apprenticeship Ambassador? (Employer)

Nominating an employee to become an Apprenticeship Ambassador has benefits for both the employer and the apprentice. The programme gives the apprentice the tools to successfully develop and deliver their own presentations to audiences of 10 – 30 young people confidentally. This helps them to develop both personally and professionally.

The time commitment from the ambassador can be as much or as little as the employer is able to spare them for. Typically presentations will be around an hour but can sometimes be a day or half day event, in which case we are flexible with the time slots to match the release of the ambassadors.

Why nominate an Apprenticeship Ambassador? (Provider)

Nominating an ambassador can be useful to providers in encouraging the development of their apprentices. The programme gives ambassadors the tools to effectively and successfully develop and deliver a success presentation to an audience of 10 – 30 people. In some cases this can contribute to the apprentice’s Framework, e.g. tick off a module that requires a presentation etc. It can also help the apprentice to develop both personally and professionally.

Why book an Apprenticeship Ambassador? (Schools)

This is a free service which will support schools to respond to the Statutory Careers Guidance and Inspiration in Schools document written by the Department for Education. This independent service aims to expand knowledge around Apprenticeships by offering information and advice on Apprenticeships for young people, as well as motivating and inspiring them by having a current or recently qualified apprentice attend and share their experience.

Across GM the Apprenticeship Ambassadors Programme has been invited into over 60% of schools and colleges.

Apprenticeship Ambassadors talk about their Apprenticeship experience including their day to day job role. They explain how they found out about their Apprenticeship, how they applied for it and how they have progressed.

“Apprenticeship Ambassadors have inspired and engaged our students with their enthusiasm and their stories of their Apprenticeship journeys.”

Gillian Appleby: Careers Coordinator, Whalley Range 11-18 High School

If you would like more information, or to recommend/become an ambassador please email Matthew Leigh; Matthew.l@gmlpn.co.uk

Phone Number: 0161 654 1508

Twitter: @ApprenticeAmbas