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Transitioning to Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeships
When going into battle for apprenticeships in policymaking circles, a regular riposte which comes back is that not enough successful Level 2 apprentices go on to another apprenticeship programme at a higher level.
It is a fair challenge and it is one that we must collectively address, especially for those 16 to 18 year olds who have decided that A Levels are not for them.

Progression to a Successful Career
However well or otherwise that a young person has done at school, an apprenticeship should provide a route to a successful career. We can be justly proud that nine out of ten programme completers stay in sustained employment and earn good wages.
Official DfE data published in January 2020 found that on average media annualised earnings rise 7% every year for Level 2 achievers and 6% for those who complete an advanced apprenticeship at Level 3.
After four years, an advanced apprentice can be taking home over £20,000 but at just one level higher they can be earning more than the national average income of £25k a year after four years. It is a very attractive proposition for young people who prefer to earn while they learn and who don’t want to be saddled with student debt.

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