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The Educational Management System software that allows the entire process of learning, work submission, assessments, reviews, quality verification, learner progress tracking and reporting analytics to be performed and controlled online.

InnovEd provides unique capabilities and comprehensive features for both academic and vocational education across all subject sectors in Further education, Higher Education and Secondary Education. It has been particularly well adopted in Further Education Colleges, Sixth Form Colleges/Academies and Independent Learning Providers and is a superb management tool for Large Employers with Education Departments allowing tracking and support of the learning programmes of their employees.

Designed for the benefit of learners, teachers, assessors, quality control and senior management teams, InnovEd also addresses the financial control requirements for Education Providers with automatic interfaces to systems such as Maytas and PICS and with full reporting to Funding Agencies.

InnovEd maintains a comprehensive record of the individual’s learning journey removing the requirement for paper-based reviews and registers of attendance.

To find out more visit www.innovedlearning.co.uk or contact John on 07808 572 986.