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Fast Tracking the Apprentice Bike Offer for GM Apprentices in Key Worker Roles

TfGM and GMCA are working hard to get the Apprentice Bike Offer ( www.tfgm.com/apprentices ) to apprentices in key worker roles and support them with their journeys to and from work. We appreciate the usual process may be problematic currently so are looking to streamline it wherever possible to ensure that we can support our critical workers at this point in time.

If you are an Apprenticeship provider or employer, support apprentices that have been designated as key workers and know they would benefit from this support to get them to and from their place of work then please email access@tfgm.com . If you have application forms please scan and email a completed copy but if not just send the apprentices details.

Clearly these are very challenging and changeable circumstances but best attempts will be made to fulfil requests, including signposting to any new relevant support for key workers in Greater Manchester.