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Membership Benefits

Benefits of becoming a GMLPN Member include;


  • Opportunity to collaborate and network with over 100 other members / associate members;
  • Benefit from discounted services that can only be obtained through the collaborative buying power of the UK’s largest sub-regional network. For example, 25% discount for Pearson services.
  • Free access to 5 network meetings per year with briefings from a plethora of organisations including funding agencies, city-regional authorities, and other work based learning sector bodies;
  • Gain access to high quality, discounted training events;
  • Free access to e-mail updates and bulletins

Commercial Partnerships 

As a member of the GMLPN you are eligible to join the buying agreements that we have set up, these span various industries and all are the prduct of an increased purchasing power. You will have a direct relationship with the supplier, but they will be aware that you are one of our members applying the specific membership rates/benefits to your account.

If you want to hear more about our relationship with Pearson, iPegs, Zen Office Solutions and RefrubThat and would like to be involved, please contact Richard Nash.


Pearson is a renowned awarding body with a range of products and services. Our members whom are also a WLE centre member of Pearson can be eligible for upto a 25% discount.

Zen Office

Zen, a long term commercial partner of GMLPN, offer a wide range of services from business supplies to office fit outs to managed print services allowing our members to consolidate their purchases.


An efficient way to manage and monitor learner progress, particularly those out in the workplace. With iPEGS you can go paperless, and easy and efficient method of creating, signing and sending digital forms.

HURST Accountancy

GMLPN have been working with HURST, an industry experienced accountancy firm. HURST are familiar with the various funding streams and are able to advise providers on adapting their business strategy to respond to change in the landscape.