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About Us,


Established in 2006 the Greater Manchester Learning Provider Network (GMLPN) is a network of over 100 independent training providers, colleges of further education, schools and universities. We work alongside our key partners; the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, New Economy, Job Centre Plus and local authorities to achieve an ever closer alignment between the needs of employers, individuals, communities and the suppliers of skills.


We are an inclusive network, with membership available to organisations who operate in Greater Manchester which includes independent training providers, general FE Colleges and employers.


Our Vision


Working with our members and partners our vision is to secure an outstanding education, skills and employment system for Greater Manchester.



Working with our members and partners, our ambition is to build a high quality skills system in Greater Manchester aligned in support of the Greater Manchester’s Work and Skills Strategy and in particular the needs of employers, individuals and communities.

To achieve our ambition we have established a number of key objectives:

1. To engage and support our members in the design and implementation of the national skills and employment policy and the Greater Manchester’s Work and Skills strategy keeping them informed and engaged with key developments.

2. Contribute to the Greater Manchester Apprenticeship Hub strategy by supporting and delivering initiatives designed to increase awareness, engagement and take up of Apprenticeships and Traineeships.

3. Support the development of a high quality responsive work and skills system in Greater Manchester by promoting national initiatives and activities and developing and delivering a programme of provider development activity which meets provider needs and aspirations.